School Visit

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Cierra Stowe
Diversity and Equity in Schools
October 9, 2012
School Visit
The school that we visited was Charles J. Riley School No.9. It was located on 6 Timothy St Paterson, NJ. The day we attended was a “D Day”, which is one of the 6 days of the rotating blocked schedule. The size of Paterson school system is remarkable, the 3rd largest school district in New Jersey. This district holds 29,400 students from preschool to 12th grade. As far as the demographics of the school district there are 54 schools with 2,526 certified teachers for student in grades kindergarten to 12th grade. They also offer a comprehensive preschool program for 3,447 three and four year old in early childhood facilities. The student population is 62 percent Hispanic, 28 percent African American and 10 percent Caucasian, Middle Eastern and Asian decent.

In particular, the school we attended was very diverse and densely populated which is a reflection on the district. School No.9 is 55% bilingual whether it is Spanish or Arabic. The student population is close to 1,300 students from grades k-8. This school is very academic oriented and is one of the few school that is excelling in academic achievement in this district. The diversity is very broad in this school but mainly made up of a large Arabic population. There are so many children that do not speak English at home so specific personnel is assigned to those students for extra support. The amount of teachers in this school is about 135-150.

The school itself was very nice. The classrooms were decorated to promote education as much as possible. It did not appear to me to be an older model school. It was off a main street but the surroundings seemed to be a nice, quiet neighborhood. Just by hearing some of the negative things about Paterson, I was impressed. Inside the school grade levels are divided among floors. The first floor is made up of kindergarten through 1st grade. The second is made up of 2nd through 4th grade. The...
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