school violence

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School violence in girls

I/ School violence in girl introduction:
Hello, everybody! I’m … Today our group will tell you about a very interesting social problem. Before I tell you about this, I want to ask you: “Have you ever beaten someone or been beaten by anyone?” May be some of you used to be involved in fights. The topic I want to tell you is school violence in girls. What is school violence? School violence is a phenomenon which happens in school. Some students have hostile attitudes and become cruel, and this leads to violent fights. School violence may not be a new problem in education, but school violence not only occurs in boys but also has now spread to girls of the age group of twelve to seventeen. Now I will show you a scary clip. The girl fight clips which began to appear on the Internet made many people shocked and scared. This clip reflects the reality about the modern society, the personality of the girl’s generation and the education today. According to many reports in newspapers, over 33 percent of the girls are involved in violent activities in school. This number is increasing each day. It means there are more and more school girls becoming victims of the fights. This problem appears in many countries such as America, China, Japan … Vietnam is one among them. This problem leaves disastrous consequences not only to the victims themselves but also to many aspects of life. We should pay special attention to this problem because it relates to our living environment. It is threatening the good relationship among people, and can make our future become a tragedy. The things and the clip I have shown you are the reasons why our group chose this topic. Now we will tell you clearly about the causes, the effects and solutions of school violence in girls, and … will tell you about the causes of this problem first. II/ The causes of school violence in girls:

Hello, everybody! Now I will tell you about the causes of school violence in girls. In...
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