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School Uniform a Necessity for Children

By mikamino Jan 03, 2011 258 Words
School uniform a necessity for children
Introduction: other’s view on the subject.
First paragraph: why are school uniforms necessary?
Second paragraph: extend on the importance of uniforms.
Third paragraph: advantages of using uniforms
Conclusion: my view on the subject.

95% of students find uniforms obsolete; some just hate the uniform’s unexciting colours, saying school uniforms aren’t necessary. Nonetheless, they are wrong.
Teachers, as human, classify people by their looks, which isn’t what we want is school. Therefore, all students should dress alike in order to be treated equally by teachers. It’ll also stop the discrimination between students from different social classes.

With all the fashion talk going around, some students prefer wearing shorts and tights, along with brightly coloured accessories to match, which would be seen as in appropriate for school. Plus, uniforms can also stop students’ fussing over who’s wearing the latest fashion.

Not only does a school uniform feel comfortable, it also saves time. Since most students spend much time in the morning choosing and outfit to wear; while they could do more important things like eat breakfast or revise their home works. It also stops kids from getting missed out during a field trip since they’ll be identified from their appearance that they’re a certain school’s attendant.

In conclusion, I think school students benefit more from uniforms. Kids won’t have to eat breakfast in the car, parents won’t wince over receipts, and poor students won’t be bullied by their rich mates.

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