School Uniform, Persuasevi Speech

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11/ 30/ 2007
Persuasive speech
School uniform

(Significance and background) Everybody in this class room has had or will have children. Anyway it will happen that your kids will become the most important point of your life. You will do everything to keep them happy. When they are small only you can influence on their behavior. Parents always want to see their kids healthy, well-bread and happy. After some time, when your heirs grow up enough, they will go to school. As soon as this happens you lose part of your influence on their upbringing. The school grabs this part from you. Students usually spend 1/3 of their day time there. This new society will build up their way of thinking and way of behavior. A lot depends on new friends, teachers, and studying, of course. The atmosphere inside the school building is important, too. There should be a spirit of studying, co-working, and pride. And one of the most important points to reach these is wearing school uniform. I positive that students in school should wear it. In my country all schools have special uniforms for elementary school level, and high school students wear business suits with ties. High school is the first chance for students to feel that they are a part of business society. Americans are very free in their choices. On the one hand this is good, but on the other…kids begin think that they can do whatever they want to, and, unfortunately, sometimes they do not have discipline and do not show respect to their parents at all… I think this happens because they begin to feel themselves free too early. And sometimes accidents happen… (Attention Getter)

Now you see what can be hidden in casual student clothes. And that is not all things a student can hide if he wants… And consequences of these could be very dangerous…

(Thesis Statement) So, as far as adding discipline and moral ethics to a personality beginning in childhood, it is really important to wear uniform from the elementary level of school and beyond. All schools should provide a uniform policy. And you, parents or future parents, should support the schools in this. (Preview)Now I want to explain why uniform helps students a lot. Here are some points: 1.Bridging the gap between different races and classes of the society. 2.Uniform develops a sense of pride in the school and inspires students to study. 3.A uniform not only teaches discipline but also gives a sense of unity, nationalism, a feeling to belong to one society. Body

A.The USA is a multicultural country. A lot of people from different parts of the world live here. Everyone of them has this or her own culture, morality, and behavior. And often happens that conflicts appear in multicultural society because of religious points of view or just difference in races and classes of society. 1.It is not a surprise that some of religious conflicts are based on religion points of view. Some of them despise other religions. a.No, for sure, none of world religions say that people should hate each other; the problem is in people. b.So, if you wear school uniform, you are equal with everybody. And religion conflicts can be reduced.

2.No more "gang colors". No reason to rob a kid to get his or her expensive clothes. Plus people who don't belong are easy to spot on school grounds. Do uniforms make kids safer? 75% of schools with uniforms say "Yes". a.Another important factor in the use of school uniforms is cost. b.With fashions constantly changing from year to year, and season to season, parents have always felt the pressure (from their children) to provide them with the latest peer-pleasing designs. c. Uniforms reduce the cost of keeping up since they remain the same - day after day, year after year. And their cost, in relation to fashion merchandise, is very appealing over the long term....

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November 20, 2007.
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