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• School uniforms are made compulsory
for all students since it help lessen
social conflicts within the school.
School uniforms promote students’
loyalty and reduces students tendency
to be violent.
The school uniform is a symbol that
you belong to the Santa Isabel College
It is an external sign of the ideals that
an Isabelan upholds.

- White short sleeved and sport collared
- Checkered skirt with straps (hemline is
1-3 inches below the knee)
- Closed, low-heeled black leather
school shoes ( ½ - 1 inch high)
- Plain white socks (must cover the
- School ID


• White polo jacket shirt with school seal
patch sewn on the pocket.
• Plain white sando or undershirt (printed
shirts are not allowed)
• Dark blue long pants (straight cut)
• Low-cut black leather shoes
• Plain white socks (must cover the ankle)
• School ID



• Students are expected to be on time for
school at the start of the school day and for
their classes throughout the school day. In
addition to missed learning opportunities for
the tardy student, tardiness to class or to
school causes disruption to the learning
environment for all students. Tardiness
doesn't bring good things to all of us. I mean
it's a really negative trait that must be

1. The flag ceremony is part of the school activity.
The first bell is rung at 7:10 for the students to
proceed to their respective line formation. A
second bell is rung at 7:15 am for the flag
ceremony. Students who are not in their
respective line formation at this time and do not
attend the flag ceremony are considered late.
2. A student may be placed under contract due to
habitual tardiness. The following is a preventive
measure scheme per quarter:
•. 3-5 tardy – verbal warning c/o class adviser
•. 6-9 tardy – written waning c/o class adviser
•. 10 tardy – minor offense - c/o Formation
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