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School uniforms should not be allowed in public schools because they violate the students Constitutional Rights, they cause more problems in the schools, and they give children one more thing to rebel against. Uniforms should not be worn in public schools because students already wear them in private schools and the public should be able to express themselves freely. The first reason school uniforms should not be enforced in public schools is that they violate the students Constitutional Rights. The first amendment in the United States Constitution states that all citizens have the right to freedom of speech and expression. Also, the United States Supreme Court has not directly addressed the question of whether public schools can impose dress requirements on their students. With that being said, what gives the schools the right to tell their students how to dress?

Also, mandatory school uniforms cause more problems and trouble in the schools. Not all families agree with this, so they don’t force their kids to wear the uniforms. This causes problems because other classmates assume those kids cannot afford the uniforms. So the kids without uniforms are being teased and called poor. Also, other students may find it unfair that some kids do not have to wear the uniforms and others do. The teachers will spend the first fifteen minutes of class trying to figure out who had waivers for not wearing the uniforms and who is just breaking the rules. The rule breakers would overcrowd the principal’s office, giving the principal less time to work on more important matters. Many schools who would enforce the uniforms would have found that their problems only increased, as uniforms infractions built up and uniforms became a stigma in marking poor students.

Finally, school uniforms give kids one more thing to rebel against. The uniforms do not give the kids a chance to express themselves as individuals. The students are not going to act any better...
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