School Truancy

Topics: Question, Proposal, Sentence Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: November 9, 2006
In this Speech by Mr Frost His his intention is to form an argument against the statements put forward by the Principle in her previous speech, his first statement outlines this "To Speak against the proposal", which immediately informs of us of his Differing view. Mr Frost begins with a simile about how the proposed ideas are too harsh that there isn't a need in his opinion for such strictness, that they are extremes. His use of Inclusive language in his opening statements allow him to create a connection with the audience, he furthers this connection with his use of a personal fact that he is the father of three children. This sort of connection attempts to get the audience to side with him by allowing them to think he is similar to them as they possibly are parents also, rather than seeming like the disconnected Ms Smith who would not have the same experience the parents have had. His use of a hyperbole gives a vivid image exaggerating negative image of what Ms Smith had spoken of doing to "our" children.

Mr Frost later asks the simple question 'Is it so bad to wag school'. Of course he already has an opinion formed, which is that it obviously isn't 'haven't we all done it'. In doing so he brings back into view the simplicity of the situation and questions the possible hypocrisy of some of the audience. Also his use of the word 'wag' gives a much less worrying feel than the jargon like word truancy. He attempts to make a point that at times he believes absence from school can be justified, describing them as 'Mental Health Days'.

With his mention of mental health days, he continues with his attempts to personalize his argument by further enhancing his image as a caring parent similar to the idea many of the audience who are possibly parents would have of themselves in their mind, using a very personal example of his daughter in Year 8, stating that her stress from being bullied was a justified reason to need time away from school, this also serves...
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