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School trip

By ritheria Apr 22, 2015 477 Words

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Writing Practice 1

I still remember a very wonderful and unforgettable trip with my old classmates in grade eight. It was a beautiful summer day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and gentle breezes were rustling through the lines of trees. I got up early, preparing necessary things for the trip and went to school to meet my friends. We were all excited and the sound of happy chattering was echoing through the school yard. When everyone had been present, we got on a bus and went to the countryside. The sight we saw through the bus windows had made its way to our mind and we could never forget the peaceful scenery then. There were a lot of paddy fields on the way and the bright colors were pleasant to admire. The trees, which were so lively and green, vibrated in the clear blue sky with some help from the summer wind. The few clouds up above were puffy and white like sweet confectionery. We arrived at early noon so we had a quick tour around the villages before going back to the camping site to have lunch. The local people were very hospitable and kind, which made a deep impression on us. After taking a rest, we went sailing along a river. It was so clear and calm that we could see the whole world reflected on the water surface. We drifted through the natural “mirror” until we reached a small island. It was the habitat of a crane family. When they flapped their wings and flew up the sky, we were all amazed to see a vast sky covered in white feathers. The tour guide told us a lot of interesting things about that island and we then realized how little we knew about the world of nature. When we came back to the camping site, it had already been late in the afternoon. We were able to capture the moment the sun disappeared behind the mountains far, far away. We stood there in silence, admiring the magnificent dusk. Some took photos to keep the beautiful memories. We had a lot of fun and exciment was still lingering on the way back. However, when we realized the time, it was very late. We were almost late for the last bus and had to run a long way to be in time. It was so unexpected and so fun that we burst into laugh once we settled in our seats. It has been two years since that day, but the gorgeous scenery and the great things we learned back then haven’t faded even just one bit in my mind. It is a time that I will carve into the deepest of my heart and never forget no matter where I go in the future.

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