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By monkeygirl15 Dec 13, 2012 384 Words
Disrupting class, talking out, sleeping, or any other type of misbehavior is disrupting not only the education of myself, but it also disrupts the education of my classmates. When I disrupt the teacher from having the opportunity to teach, it denies the student the opportunity to learn. When I deny a person from learning, I am actually preventing them from pursuing their dreams and goals. It should not matter if there is a substitute in the room or, any teacher in the room at all. I should always act the same, orderly mannered. The class was rude and just plain out disrespectful to the substitute. As a student I have the responsibility for being courteous to other classmates by letting them learn. As a student I also have the right to learn. And as a teacher they also have the right to teach. If my other classmates can't learn because of my negative behavior, then I am failing the responsibility as a classmate. If we would just simply sit there and kept our mouths quiet, everything would be fine. I don't think any arguments would happen. But, best of all, my classmates and I could get our education. I don't believe a classroom should be completely silent all of the time and no one says anything. But, a few jokes here and there are completely fine. But a student has to think when it’s the right time to make a little joke but then get back to work. I am terribly sorry for misbehaving to the substitute when you were gone. It was very wrong of me and the class to just ignore the sub and not do our work when we needed to. Also Im sorry for us making you look bad to the other teacher that you share the classroom with In conclusion, this punishment has helped me realize that our class was very misbehaved when the sub was substituting our class. I feel that after everyone has completed this assignment they will see this too. I don't think that our class will ever behave like this again hopefully, after realizing how rude and disrespectful we really were to the substitute. I feel that everyone has learned a lot from this experience and will think twice about what we are doing.

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