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School Sports

By allison08 May 05, 2013 261 Words
Art and band are in need of money because of financial problems, so RUSD is going to drop school sports instead. After school sports include the following; softball, cross-country, track, and many more. All after schools should not be excluded from Rocklin’s middle schools.

There are various reasons after school sports should be kept for middle school for a couple of reasons. Athletic clubs should be supported because the more people known the more spirit. Equally important there would be very little education out of physical education, gym. Another reason is that if someone would want to join a school sport just to help out their school they could not even do that. One other reason is that sports can keep health up. RUSD should keep school athletic clubs.

Although there are many reasons to support the idea of keeping school sports, some people think to drop school sports is great because of financial problems. They think that because art and band should be provided in middle schools. However, this statement is invalid because art and band are electives. Also there are other band and art programs. RUSD should not exclude athletic clubs.

RUSD are thinking about to drop school sports in order to keep band and art because of financial problems. Some after school sports also include cross-country, track, and softball. Another reason is that athletic club also includes spirit. Even art and band may seem important though not many skills are learned. After school sports help increase fitness. After school sports should supported instead of dropped.

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