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Topics: High school, School terminology, Extracurricular activity Pages: 4 (823 words) Published: March 20, 2015
M. Griffen Cornell
English II Pre-AP

School spirit is a common sighting at many public schools in the present day. But in most schools, administration puts a limit on school spirit in order to keep their school intact. They limit the school spirit because school spirit can create rowdy and anxious students that lose focus on their school work. With the proper amount of school spirit that is allowed, there could be a happy middle that benefits both administration and the school body. Even though school staff has the opinion that allowing an unlimited amount of school spirit will over-excite and disrupt the focus of the students, school administrators should begin to expand the allotted amount of school spirit because of the various benefits it would to the school body. The benefits include, but are not limited to, an opportunity to give the school body something to look forward to, give school pride, and supports extra-curricular activities.

At Holmes, there is a lack of pride in being an attendee at this school. There is rarely anyone who is wearing extra-curricular group’s apparel, save the people present in the program, or even Holmes shirts in general. And the, however small, group of people who attend the extra-curricular sporting events aren’t even allowed to wear common game-day apparel such as face paint. This problem is creating a lack of support for athletics and even a lack of population within these sports teams. With the support of the student body for these clubs and athletic teams, it can give motivation and “hype” for the students competing and gives them improved performance. In Texas A&M, the football team has become nearly unbeatable, partially due to their rampant fan base (Ulferts, But of course there are reasons that the administrations have a problem with the school spirit going to an extreme. For some schools with a rather un-civilized student body, the audience begins to mistreat the other teams while...

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