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Topics: Drug addiction, Adolescence, Addiction Pages: 5 (1184 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Friday 22 February 2013

Interschools | Teenage drug abuse | Teenage obesity

Interschools 2013

Coetzenburg - Cheerleaders from PV on the track, raising the spirit (Read the full story on page 3)


Vision and Mission of the Parel Vallei Weekly

A vision answers the question, If successful, what is the overall result of our mission? A Vision is the result of the mission. The Parel Vallei Weekly strives to empower the youth of the community to voice their opinions and be true ambassadors of the democratic South Africa.

Mission is about purpose. A mission answers the question to "what do we do", "what do we want to achieve" and "how do we ensure to meet our vision"? Learners will be kept informed about relevant and current affairs. Expanding and enhancing their knowledge of the world they live in with all its demands.

The Parel Vallei Weekly has a dual function: It creates a platform for prospective journalists to exercise their journalism skills and to better their performance with every attempt of writing. Furthermore, it informs and entertains the school community in a casual, yet structured manner.

Parel vallei is in the privileged position to accommodate a number of nationalities. As South Africans, we are truly bless as one of the youngest democratic countries in the world. The newspaper will act as a medium for interaction and the strengthening of the senses of a community in which democracy thrives.

C.F. du Plessis

Interschools 2013

On Monday most proud Parel Valleiers had sore throats, legs or arms due to their contribution this weekend at the annual interschools.

Saturday was long and scorching, and with a maximum temperature of 34˚ C. It was very unpleasant at times. Nonetheless, the stands were swarming with supporters and the field with athletes.

Job offering: Journalist
- Ability to write concise and objective material quickly
- Solid general knowledge
- Interest in current events
- Accurate and unbiased
- Initiative, curious and creative
- Persistence to investigate record
- Able to mix well with all kinds of people
- Be punctual

Demanding aspects
- The pressure of the job
- The long and irregular hours

These attributes will enhance the etos of democracy in Parel Vallei and will as such be implemented. The prospective journalist must be more powerful and resourceful than ever to meet the demands of the modern, democratic South Africa. Furthermore, the applicant must participate in assignments related to the school and the community.

C.F. du Plessis

PV was determined - like each year - to win the summer interschools. Everyone is familiar with our 7-year winning streak! A lot of planning by this year's hosts, Strand High, ensured excellence and a day that ran smoothly.

Each time the scoreboard was updated eyes stretched since it was nailbiting competition for the whole duration of the day.

PV once again wowed the crowd and judges with our amazing intro and blazer formations.

PV, HSS and HHH all delivered excellence on both the stands as well as the field but when it came to the judges' decision PV won the 'Geesbeker'.

Strand High won the interschools and ended PV's 7-year streak! This can only be healthy for this annual gathering, as it offers diversity and also new challenges. We stood proud - as one - even after we heard that we didn't win this year.

A day fll of tears and sweat, but it was worth it! Our blood is blue and our hearts full of 'PV gees'.

Teenage drug abuse

In today’s society, the common problem among teenagers is the use of drugs. Teen age years are probably one of the most challenging periods of life. It is a stage of identity versus confusion – knowing oneself compared to losing oneself. Belonging and being accepted in a group is very important and being cool as...
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