School Meal Programs: Reducing Obesity

Topics: Nutrition, Diabetes mellitus, Obesity Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: May 1, 2012
According to the USDA, the new rule for providing healthy Brake fast and lunch to improve health will start July 1 and will be served for 3 years. The number of students who use school meal is increasing by 5.5 million yearly, and as the same time the expense is rising up from $6.6 billion to close $14.4 billion yearly. Based on the information majority of the kids in the school eat their breakfast and lunch at school so it is very important to provide healthy food to reduce obesity, and to provide appropriate or verity nutrition.

Obesity is the accumulation of fat in our body and it is a major issue. Obeys kids are exposed to psychological and social problems. Been obeys make them embarrass; they will lose their confidence and not involving with different activity like the regular kids. Those things will affect them their whole life. More over obeys kids are exposed to health issue which can lead them an early death. One of them is to get diabetics an early age. According to the National school boards association, obesity kids’ numbers are growing three times with in three dace.

Prevalence of childhood obesity among children from age 2 -19 in United States of America. According to the university of Michigan health system, research proves that kids who eat in school lunches are more likely to be obeys than kids who have lunches from home. Most school lunch menus are not following the calories count. For example any school serve milk with breakfas but it could be any kind, like whole milk or flavor milk. The other benefit with the school lunch is providing variety or appropriate nutrition. Most people say still the kids choice to pick what they want, but if the menu offer them more choice of healthy and variety food, they will find something they like from there. Variety and appropriate nutrition is very important for brain development. The main tings is preparing healthy food, knowing that which vegetables have more fiber instead of starch, less...
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