School Life: What I Learned

Topics: High school, Secondary school, College Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: December 12, 2010
Mackenna Nolan
Mr. Epley
College Application Essay
Block 2b
My Junior Year
As I look back, there are multiple reason I am who I am today, but when I think about it changing to a public school my junior year really had a huge impact on my life and who I am today. It has made me independent and trust of myself, become more involved in school and learned how to balance my time. Also, switch schools, I have experienced a huge diversity of people.

My first two years of high school, I attended St. Pius X, there I had gone to school ith all the same people I had known my whole life. Pius was a very small school and very easy to adapt to. After my sophomore year, I just knew something wasn’t right with me. I felt very sheltered and I felt like I wasn’t my own person, I felt myself being like everyone else. Knowing myself and what I wanted in life, I knew St. Pius was no longer the school for me. My Junior year, I switched to North Kansas City, knowing few people going in. Going through something like that, I had no friends and no one to trust myself. I had no fear going in. Being able to start completely over with no friends and no one to trust or go to I developed so much confidence in myself and knew I would adapt quickly. Still to this day, even with the close relationships I have made with people, I am still very independent. I make sure no matter what goes on in my life to take care of all of my responsibilities and this quality will come in handy in college with everything I will experience and will continue to stay successful.

To help myself adapt to the change, I became as involved as I possibly could. I joined clubs, did volunteer work and also played three sports all while maintaining a job. Being this involved I was nervous I would become overwhelmed and thought it would be easy to loose my focus with academics but I knew that I couldn’t let that happen. My grades really improved and I was able to manage all of my activities and always get my...
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