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School is Bad for Children Summary/Response

By klueless9 Dec 12, 2013 394 Words
School is Bad for Children
In “School Is Bad for Children,” John Holt talks about the faults and failures of modern education. He says that most children are more aware and smarter on the first day of school than at any other time during the process of their education. Holt identifies that the teachers feel like the children don’t understand anything. They treat them as if they were uneducated people who knew nothing. Holt also feels that the children should be able to explore their learning and educate themselves about other things in the world. He wants to try and make education fun for the children instead of doing the same curriculum so the children don’t get bored and feel like they are doing nothing and making no progress in their education. Holt also says that, and I quote, “It is a rare child who can come through his schooling with much left of his curiosity, his independence, or his sense of his own dignity, competence, and worth.” There are many children that are like that, it isn’t rare. Children enjoy learning and furthering their education. The school needs to bring in more teacher aids that can do one-on-one with the students so they feel the school cares about their education. In the story, he says that children are smarter on the first day of school instead of during their learning process. I believe that most students aren’t smarter and aware because they went their whole break time from school not being educated. There are a few things in Holt’s story that I agree with. He wants education to be fun for the student. Personally, I liked in high school that some of our homework were like games. I learned a lot in that class. He also says that people not from the school board or teachers should come in and help the students learn. I think that is an excellent idea because it helps the students learn to socialize with other adults. They shouldn’t feel bored in their classrooms. They should be excited to learn about new things. I also think that the curriculum should be changed because there are more things the students can be learning. There are many things in Holt’s writing that I believe should be put into action in today’s schools.

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