School for Scandal

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An analysis of The School for Scandal, by Richard Brinsley Sheridan

“The School for Scandal” by Richard Brinsley Sheridan is generally considered as one of Richard masterful play that represents a comedy of manners. This play satirizes the deeds and customs of upper classes brought out through a witty exchange of ideas and a convoluted plot with comic situations that are utilized in order to describe the shortcomings of the characters. In regards to characters, the play entails stock type characters such as the flirt, the gossip, the wastrel, the bore, the rich uncle, among others. However, some individuals have unique qualities. There is avoidance of romantic sentimentality by comedies of the eighteenth century. In this drama, the author satirizes malevolent gossip and two-facedness in a trendy society of London in the 1770s. Therefore, this paper intends to provide an analysis of “The School for Scandal,” by Richard Brinsley Sheridan.

The School for Scandal is set or brought to the public attention at the Drury Lane Theatre in London, in May of 1777. The play marked as an enormous success to Sheridan. It was heralded the play as a “real comedy” that would succeed the sentimental dramas that had filled the stage during the time. The genre of the play is a comedy, which is usually a light, rather amusing, play that deals with contemporary issues in our daily lives. It is a drama with a satirical slant. However, it concludes happily. Sheridan used this comic as a way of correcting social absurdities (Crehan, 215).

Firstly, characterization, major part of this play is rich of characters with humorous expositions. The delineation of these characters is aimed at provoking entertainment and laughter to the audience. Main characters in the play include the protagonist: Charles Surface who is a youthful bachelor disreputable for his lavishness, indulgence, very generous, and he loves a woman known as Maria. On the other hand, there are two antagonists: Joseph

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