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Topics: Education, Higher education, Academic degree Pages: 3 (931 words) Published: March 14, 2011
Back To School
Melissa French
English 121
February 28, 2011

Back to School
Many careers currently require that an applicant have some type of higher education in order to have a chance at competing for a job in today's market. Therefore, returning back to school to complete my degree was a very rational decision for me to make. We are sometimes told that experience is the key to getting the perfect job, but in my years in the workforce I have learned that is not always the case. Employers will sometimes use the fact that you don't have a degree against you and I refuse to let that happen to me. I want to make sure that I am armed with everything that will allow me to compete with the other candidates. There were many reasons I decided to return back to school. One main reason is the fact that obtaining a degree is one of the major personal goals I set for myself and not completing that goal would be unacceptable. The second reason I felt the need to return to school is so that in the future I could insure financial stability. The third reason I decided to return back to school is so that I can gain more knowledge and experience in my field. Lastly, my goal is to be happy and healthy and just enjoy life! Today's workforce is forever growing and in order to be able to compete with others that are out there, you must have something extra special that makes you stand out.   Experience is very important almost key in some cases, but in my opinion having a college degree will help you become a more marketable applicant. A degree will set you apart from other candidates that only have work experience as their best asset. But you have to have both experience and a degree to get a job in today’s world. Returning back to school to obtain my degree will also be pertinent to my future and my families someday. My lifelong goal has always been to become a preschool teacher. I love little ones and love that I have an opportunity to have such a...
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