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School Education

By MELODYELISA Dec 07, 2014 1230 Words
L: hello, everyone, here is China Educational Television, welcome to the program! As we all know, education is always an important part of our whole life. The prosperity of a nation, any development in science and technology all depend on the development of education. H: Generally speaking, it is necessary for all kinds of people to receive education. American school education and Chinese school education are different. One called “enlightened education” and the other called “cramming education”. Today, we are going to analyze the comparison between Chinese education and western education deeply. L: let me show you the outline of our program…..then let’s start our program. H: Okay. Here I have some sentences that I want to share with you……How do you think of it? L: well, I find that Chinese education maybe concentrate on the knowledge while western education focuses on the ability. H: Chinese education emphasizes the consolidation, inculcation and the proficiency of knowledge. Western education emphasizes on creating students' ability. L: That’s our first comparison. The different goals of school education…… H: Since we have found the goals are different. We need to find the basic reason why they are different. Let’s have a look at education system. L: In China, the school education system may is a pattern named “cramming system”. It is a pattern which only to stubbornly transfer the knowledge to the students without asking the students if they want to learn and are they learning happily. The cramming system is dull. More importantly, students may not completely understand what the teacher says. Day after day, students always lose the interest to learn. H: It always happened around us. One student loses the interest to learn and then he or she will get bad grade. Things are differently in western country. In fact, people all have curiosity. And the “enlightened education” does its best to arouse the curiosity. It not only makes people have interests in learning but also help student raise the efficiency. In America, teachers impress much importance on how to arouse the students’ curiosity. L: yes, teachers play the important role in education system. In china, our class is these pictures. In western country, class is these pictures. In western, the role of teacher is mainly the guider. Teachers and students are always the friends. H: In China, the atmosphere changes. Classroom usually belongs to teachers who stand on the platform and give their lectures. Students listen carefully and take notes seriously. When comes to the Chinese teacher, many students say that they are strict, but also, there are many student say that, they are sincere. L: They are more like your family than your teacher. They blame you for your bad behavior in the school and watch you on accomplishing your homework etc. Virtually, they are looking up to you. And also, they are helping you shoulder the responsibility for yourself. On the other hand, the teacher’s high aspirations may make the students under pressure. H: yes, the pressure will make students accept the grade as the first thing in their study. But in Western, grade is less important. In China, a bad grade may lie in the pressure from everywhere, such as parents, teachers and even classmates. Grade is far more important than other things such as ability. L: yes, I heard from my friends in America that, the grade card is the privacy of the students themselves. Their parents are not bound to blame their children for their bad grade. They attach less significance to the children’s grade. H: so their life out of class is colorful. Let’s see the pictures…. L:I think the environment of china put the pressure on students. In China, once you are in primary school, there is plenty of homework waiting for your accomplishment. After attend junior school, students nearly have no time left for the things they like. Students don’t have time to develop their own interest. Students were tired. They get up early and stay up late. Even if the college students, they may not know clearly what they really like. H: I think this is most successful point of western education. In western, there is little homework for students to do. In the primary school, teachers devote to increase the learning interest rather than transfer knowledge. Learning is a wonderful thing for students. The class is interesting and students can learning a lot of knowledge unconsciously. L: then another important pressure comes from the entrance exam. As far as everyone concerned, the college education is the most likely way for success. And I catch the idea that the higher grade students mean hard-working, clever, earnest and so on. But this doesn’t exist in western students’ life. H: After the hard working for many years, students enter the college. Chinese students choosing college gives priority to the fame, attaching no importance to what they are going to majored. Most American students, according to their own preferences and family conditions and their actual situation, apply for more than one university. L: this happened to almost everyone. Ridiculously, part of their parents helps them choose the university single-handedly because they are confused what to do. Western students think of the school curriculum, teaching style, the school's reputation, whether to provide scholarships, school facilities and student activities, to choose the most suitable university. H: since we talk much about the differences, I think you have a basic idea about the advantages and disadvantages. In China, students are forced to learn something that they do not like. However, it is also those knowledge that you do not like makes you more competitive with someone else. Besides, what we think is useless may make sense to you in the near future. Thanks to the strict, Chinese students lay a solid foundation for some area, such as mathematics, English and others. However, it is also likely to bury the students’ gift in the past without discovery. L: I think the most impressive thing is the approach that the teacher uses to teach students. In America, teachers mainly devoted to stimulate the students to learn rather than transfer the dull knowledge into the students’ mind. It helps the students develop the interest but also makes a less solid foundation. H: another point is In America, there are plenty of spare time left. In spare time, students do the things they like, like playing football, painting and surfing on the Internet. Students are relaxed. Without lots of homework and the limit from the parents, students are free. On the other hand, without the management, teenagers are more likely to do something wrong. …….question and conclusion

L:Western education is attempted which ask students to experience and find the difficulties firstly,then resolve the difficulty in accumulating experience,and finally get the own research results. H:Chinese education is an indoctrination education,firstly informs the adult experience to students,allows students to operate with successful experience step by step and learn experience under the guidance. L:Generally speaking, American school education and Chinese school education are different. One called “enlightened education” and the other called “cramming education”. But, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. H:what we need to do is to do our best to make the best use of the resources we have to develop ourselves.

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