School Days

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School Days Vanessa Howard
Ashford University PSY202

School Days
When looking over my life as a child, I wanted to reflect on my childhood and teenage years. I grew up without both of my parents, therefore this was the most important part of my life. The reason these two experiences meant so much to me, because my sister made the decision to raise me. I can reflect back on these two situations that made me the woman I am today. I didn’t allow my life to stop me from receiving my education. My sister was my role model that I looked up too. Even though, my sister is no longer here I am still striving to achieve my education. I learned at an early age the importance of an education. My goal is to instill in my daughter the importance of an education. Microsystem

My support came from my sister and this allowed me to go beyond the crying. I can remember in elementary school, I would cry all the time, because I didn’t like going. As a child growing up school was one of my less favorite places. I was a spoiled child by my father, therefore the only person I wanted to be with was him. I did not understand how important school was back then. It was so hard for me to adjust to other children at my school. I did not think about how staying home would affect my learning. Of course, my father tried to persuade me to go to school, but it still took time for me to realize how important getting my education. My father brought me hamburgers and all the food I love eating. One day when I got home from school, my father had a surprise waiting on me. I was so excited, when I went in my room there was a brand new television. I hug my father and kiss him for my...

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