School Council Speech; Uniforms

Topics: Education, Dress code, Uniforms Pages: 1 (276 words) Published: November 22, 2008
Pro: School Uniforms School uniforms are a good idea in public schools. Studies have shown that uniforms made for a safer learning environment, and 80% of girls and 62% of boys actually liked the uniforms. First of all, uniforms are less expensive to buy than regular clothes. Uniforms stay the same, year after year, unlike fads and styles that change on a seasonal basis. Having school uniforms also reduces stress that students experience in the morning from not having anything to wear. They would also save time in the morning from kids not having to take a long time to decide what to wear. Students who wear uniforms do better in school as well. They are more concentrated on the tasks because they aren't worrying about how they look. There is less distraction due to uniforms. Uniforms set a more serious tone in the classroom that is conducive to learning and can improve student performance. School uniforms improve student attendance. Also, by getting rid of the extra time choosing clothes, students are able to sleep and study more. As a result, students' grades rise. Therefore I introduce you “School Uniform Deluxe 2.0 - the new and more advanced version of the school uniform. The uniform includes a nice computer system, which helps students get rid of stress by having an alarm clock to notice them about when the next lesson is (and when to hand-in your reports). It will also be a really comfortable uniform; by using only cotton we reduced sweat production by almost 60%. We hope you will enjoy this new and improved version of our School Uniform Deluxe 2.0.
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