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Topics: Year Nine, Year Ten, Year Eight Pages: 3 (1064 words) Published: April 30, 2008
Good evening staff and students, parents and mentors. I stand before you this evening to outline this year’s greatest and so great achievements. Before I get on with the boring bits, I’d like to do a bit of reminiscing. And a though explanation of college life to unacquainted parents. Year 7. Best year level if there ever was one! I still remember my first day of school, teachers threatening to torture us mentally if we did not obey their every command. Spending a two full consecutive graphics lessons one the many shade and variation of the humble pencil. Smacking each other with metal rules in metalwork or even taking pot shots at the bins (there were a few walks of shames and near misses with teachers). Then before you knew it the year was over. Year 8.A new year and a new school community issue. Believe it or not the new year had brought with it the lively debate of whether or not chess was a sport! Good times, good times. A step up in the college ranks ment a step up in the workload. Yep, no more easy nights or getting away with un finished work. With year 8 also came the era of detentions. Teachers dishing out detentions as fast as they could photocopy the cursed slips. Fortunately I escaped this crack down unscaved. Towards the 3rd quarter of the year, USB keys reached epidemic proportions. Malicious programs spread like wild fire. Games could now be accessed directly from USB keys and quickly removed if under inspection. And then like the previous year and eventful 2006 came to an end. Year 9. Most of us remembered it to be prank year. Students pushing teachers and testing out limits. As a result, mass detentions were not uncommon. There were even a few expulsions concerning a certain vegemite incident, but another story. And for many the first exams in their lives. Fear fuelled study and subsequent results were surprising as the year average level reached a college record of 88%. With year nine had also come a new era that had the whole community swept...
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