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School Based Assessment (Pob)

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Type of Business:
The type of business I am focusing on is a Restaurant.
Description of the Business:
The name of my business is Jamar’s Cuisine. This business will be a partnership of three persons. Each partner will be given 30% of all profits earned by the business and 10% will be given to charity. Some of the local dishes we will include are: 1) Green peas and rice with flying fish 2) Bajan Soup with red Snapper

3) Sweet Potato Pie, served with baked El Dorado. 4) Cheese cake in a mango and golden apple sauce. Objective:
1)To provide the finest quality local food at the most competitive prices for Barbadians and tourist.

2)To present our own dishes in an attractive and creative manner that exceeds international standards.

My restaurant will be located in Bay Gardens, Oistins, Christ Church for multiple reasons.

1)There is an abundance of raw materials such as fish which most of my meals will be focused on. It is also close to the Oistins Fish Market, therefore, we would have easy access to fresh fish.

2)On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays many locals and tourist frequently come to the area in search of locally prepared dishes.

3)There is little competition which produces attractive and creative presentation of local fine cuisine dishes. SELECTION OF APPROPRIATE LABOUR
Type of labour necessary
I will need waiters, cashiers, chefs, janitors and a manager.

Number of Employees
( Six waiters (Semi-skilled)
( Two Cashiers (Semi-skilled)
( Four Chefs (Skilled)
( Three Janitors (unskilled)
( One Manager (Skilled)
( One Accountant

Total employees = 16


( Waiters – The functions of these waiters is to take the orders from the customers and report it to the chef. Also they take the orders to the cashiers to be totaled.

( Chefs – The chefs take the orders from the customers and commence preparation of the dish to be presented to the customer.

( Cashiers – Receives orders from the waiters to tally, then when the customers are leaving they receive the money tallied for the food services provided.

( Accountant – Prepares all financial statements for the business and over sees the book-keeping function. SELECTION OF APPROPRIATE LABOUR CONT’D
( Janitors – Janitors sweep, vacuum, mop and wax floors, clean carpets, dust and polish furniture, clean and supply restrooms, collect and throw out trash, wash walls and ceilings, replace lights, and polish metal work.

( Manager – The manager has responsibility for employees as well as the supervising of workers. He is also responsible for ensuring smooth operation of the business.


Reasons for this type of labour

( Waiters – Collect orders from customers and takes to cashier to tally, thus speeding up the process.

( Chefs – In charge of preparing the food that customers have ordered, in a timely and orderly fashion.

( Cashiers – Total the amount the customers have to pay and collect the money from them.

( Accountant – Keep record of all transactions made by the business. So in case we need to look back on something we would be able to.

( Janitors – In charge of cleaning the restaurant daily, changing lights and other small maintenance work duties, therefore keeping restaurant clean and looking like new.

( Manager – Supervises all workers, making sure everyone does their job and also makes sure the restaurant runs smoothly.


Fixed capital

This would be; chairs, tables, stoves, counters, table cloths, vases for flowers, cash register, ovens, fridge, plates, spoons and forks.

Working capital

These would be; Money in the bank, cash in hand and raw materials used to prepare food, for example; rice. ROLE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR

The entrepreneur is an action-oriented highly motivated person who sees and makes the most of opportunities which might not be apparent to others.

1) Forms a new idea that can take different forms each time. (conceptualizing) 2) Planning – The entrepreneur can identify targets goals and objectives and also was of accomplishing them. 3) Risk-bearing – The entrepreneur will make decisions that are risky, with the hope that profits will be great. TYPE OF PRODUCTION

The type of production my business is involved in is secondary production.

This type of production has to deal with converting raw materials into finished goods. For example; the converting of gold into a gold watch.


The level of production my business is involved in is the Domestic level of production.

This level of production has to deal with providing for you, your family and Barbados.

An example of domestic production is:
I grow carrots in my yard, I cook some for myself, give my family some and sell the remaining to the super market.


My quality control measures would be to:

1) Purchase fresh stock twice a week to keep the food fresh and have that same rich quality taste. 2) Ensures I have well qualified chefs who know the menu and their recipes in order to maintain the rich quality taste.


Two types of technology my business will be using are:
1) A cash register 2) A computer

1) A Cash Register – To collect money and input data so we can keep track of the amount of money being made it makes the job of the cashier easier. 2) A computer – To input reservations for every night so there are no mix ups in reservations.


Type of linkage:

Local farmers ( Jamar’s Fine Cuisine

A Backward Linkage means that one industry has to depend on another industry that is not directly related to it for services. For example in my business the farmers supply me with vegetables and fruits that I need to use in my business to prepare dishes.


Local farmer: When I purchase from the local formers, I supply him with money to keep his business running and their family provided for, they can also hire more staff which helps economic growth.


I intend to expand my business both internally and externally.

1) I will expand the amount of staff I have working for me in my restaurant. 2) Build better relationships with my employees so I know what is going on in my business and their lives so I may assist them in any matter.

1) I intend to build more restaurants across the island which would be bigger than the one we have now and delegate managers and staff to each restaurant in hope that they work diligently and keep. 2) I may also expand to other Caribbean island which in turn would provide them with more jobs and help the economic struggles of some locals.


Government regulations that would impact on my business are National insurance, VAT and the acquisition of health certificates for all employees who work in the preparation of food. The government requires that I pay NIS which would cause me to raise prices so I can afford to pay it and it also requires that I add VAT to my prices which would increase the cost of the meals for my customers. This may impact on my business in a negative manner because I would have to try to keep my prices competitive and still cover my overhead cost. According to government regulations, health certificates are a requirement for all workers who are involved in the preparation of meals; without these certificates my business would be forced to close its doors until it is acquired.


One ethical issue that may impact on my business is, if the food is served raw or undercooked the customer may be affected by it, I must put measures in place to ensure that this never happens, and that the matter can be dealt with quick and easily. If this does happen and no measures are in place, word could be spread that my restaurant does not prepare food properly and, gives people food poisoning. This would impact my business negatively because then we would lose a lot of customers, thus, losing a lot of income and might eventually have to close down because of that loss.

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