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Guidelines for the CXC CSEC Social Studies School Based Assessment Reports should be marked out of an aggregate of 35 marks. Four of these marks will be allocated for communication of information in a logical way using correct grammar. The following indicates how the 35 marks are to be awarded.


Component of Social Studies SBA



State a problem in the form of a question


- Select a problem to study and write it in the form of a


Describe an appropriate method of investigation


- Select a method to collect data to answer your
- Describe the method you are going to use to collect
your data.
(e.g. survey, observation, interview, document search)

3. Design a simple instrument (protocol) to collect data.

Write out the exact questions that you will put in a
questionnaire or ask in an interview.


Create the checklist for your observation schedule or
document search checklist.


(Your data collection instrument may be a
questionnaire, interview schedule, observation
checklist or document search checklist.)

Brought to you by


Describe the procedures to collect data.


- State how many people/observation
episodes/documents were in your sample and how they
were selected for inclusion in your study?
- Give details of each data source –
(For people, state gender, age group, area of residence
or class in the school from which they were selected.
(For observations, when and where they took place, list
who or what was observed, why they were selected.
(For documents, what documents were included, why
selected, how many used, how they were accessed.
- Explain how you got the information from them.


Compile your data together and present it in three
different ways. You may select from:


Graphs, charts, tables, maps, diagrams, photographs,
as well as text form to present your data.

- You must present...
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