Topics: Social responsibility, Third World, Sociological terms Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: March 11, 2014
There are many factors to consider when companies begin looking to outsource its production to another country. Some may think that companies only outsource for inexpensive labor. This could in fact be the situation for some businesses. Those businesses do not take into consideration the need to uphold their social responsibilities. Patagonia does outsource its production to other countries. This company is not only considering discounted labor. They do take into account the working conditions of its employees. Also, they take into consideration the conditions of the factory. They do manage to care for the employees and their well-being. What if Patagonia did not care for the health of their workers? Who would be responsible for ensuring that the workers are treated fairly and their safety is maintained? This is something that many businesses do not know or even care to learn.

Upholding Social Responsibility
Many people bring products into their own home that come from China and other countries. Very few people fail to realize the behind the scenes work that is put into the making of that product. Where did the product come from? What conditions was it made in? Was the maker properly compensated? These are all things that a business would need to analyze before outsourcing its production to other countries. Patagonia realized this as their consumers began to write letters with their personal concerns. Does each business care to analyze and ensure they are enabling the best possible working environment? It can easily be said that this is not true. With this, some companies do in fact take these additional measures. The extra mile will not go unnoticed when ending profits begin to increase. Upon whom does the responsibility lie to see that workers are treated fairly and kept safe? Companies are held responsible not only by the government, but also by the public. International companies know that people are observing them and that...

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