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Purpose of Education

The purpose of education is to prepare students for a better future and to allow them to explore themselves for who they are, who they want to be and why. By finding themselves, students will be able to grow in knowledge and be successful in life. They will be able to give in to society by offering what they believe they offer best. With education, doors of opportunities will open for students, opportunities to finding jobs, setting goals, and exploring life to their fulfillment. However, the teacher in the educational process plays the biggest role in making that possible.

The role of the teacher in the classroom is to provide students with knowledge of every aspect in life. To excite them with options of a better future and to do so by teaching them the formulas they will need to achieve their goals. What makes an excellent teacher is one who relates and works with the students’ capability and helps them grow and progress overtime. Also, one that shows the students dedication in his/her job not only for their own sake but for complete care and concern of the student. Qualities and behavior of the teacher should be the indication of who they want the student to become, loving, caring, kind, dedicated, hard-working and so on. The teacher should offer the student what is expected in return. If a teacher expects a student to listen then the teacher should listen to the student as well.

I hope that students will willingly take in all beneficial and helpful knowledge that I am able to provide for them, such as academic knowledge that would to prepare them for future years in school. I hope that I would be able to help my students develop in other aspects as well, socially by allowing interaction, intellectually by mentally challenging them with activities and questions, physically by promoting hands on work and of course recess, and last but not least emotionally by encouraging...
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