Scholarship Statement Essay: An Application For A Scholarship

Topics: Family, Mother, Father, Parent, Learning, High school / Pages: 4 (822 words) / Published: Jan 22nd, 2018
As a child of a single mother, I grew up to know I would have to work hard for the things I wanted. Just as my mother did when she provided for my sister and I. Ones determination for life is based on past experiences. The experiences I have faced has made me a worthy candidate for this scholarship. Coming from a Mexican and Salvadorian family, I’ve grown to work towards my aspirations; my goals of becoming a teacher. Although not being financially able to qualify to be a philanthropist, I donate my services to those who need it most. To influence others is to be a leader, and as a leader that can help others understand the importance and the outcome a college education can have, I exceed to be the influence one would need. As a 1st generation …show more content…
I am an influence to other students, showing them the importance of college, and he advantage it brings. Allowing them to take in the ideas of a future where receiving a college education could open a door to new possibilities.
While being a first generation student aspiring to go to college, it would bring great honor to my family that their daughter plans to attend college. It has been a dream of my mother and father, that I receive an education that would give me the future my parents came to this country in hopes I would be able to obtain. Reminding them that their hard all these years, substantially paid off.
ALSAME supports students who show diversity among the society. I am that diversity. I am here to show that I am a leader for the community, and my goals and aspirations will sure to be fulfilled. This scholarship money will not go to waste. Growing up, I knew I would have to work hard for the things I wanted in life. Just as my mother did while she was raising my sister and I. I plan to work hard for my goals of becoming a teacher, and with the help of the ALSAME scholarship, my goals shall be

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