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Scholarship Reference Form

By jeaniezamp Apr 26, 2015 280 Words

Scholarship Reference Form

To the applicant:
1. You may deliver this form to your references by email or in print. 2. Print legibly or type the name of the individual you are asking to complete this form. 3. Fill in YOUR name in the appropriate spaces below.

4. Address the completed form to PMI Educational Foundation, 14 Campus Blvd, Newtown Square, PA 19073, Attn: Andrew Stitt,

Applicant’s name in full ___________________________________________

*********************************************************************** To the individual completing this form:

1. How long and in what capacity have you known the applicant (for example is he/she your student, employee and etc.)?

2. Please provide an example to illustrate the applicant’s academic preparation, motivation and capacity for demanding academic/job related work.

3. Please provide an example of the applicant’s ability to work as a team member and motivate others.

4. Please describe the qualities of the applicant that would make him/her a successful project manager.

5. Please give any other information concerning the applicant that you think would be useful to the Scholarship Committee. (Attach additional page if needed.)

6. Please evaluate the applicant according to the following categories.

Below Average
Not Observed
Intellectual Ability






Oral Communication Skills

Written Communication Skills

Signature (person providing reference) _____________________________

Date _______________

Name (Please print or type) ________________________________________

Company _______________________________________________________

Work Phone ___________________ E-mail Address ____________________

Please note. You may receive a phone call or e-mail from the scholarship committee regarding the applicant. Thank you for your time.

Please mail or e-mail this form to:
PMI Educational Foundation
14 Campus Blvd.
Newtown Square, PA 19073
Attention: Andrew Stitt

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