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Topics: Education, Music, Music education Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: May 3, 2006
I have always wanted to make a career out of my music. For years, i was determined to go to college to major in Music Performance, so that I could become a mainstream trumpet player like Wynton Marsalis. I was sure of this up until my senior year in high school, when I realized that I don't need to take 4 years of college to learn something that I can learn on my own or with private instruction, and that is to perform. The moment that occurred to me, I was at a loss for what I would major in. Then I realized that, ever since I got hung up on performing, I had forgotten about my first desire, and that was to educate. So, I have decided on majoring in Music Education at a school that is well known for producing quality musicians and teachers. I mainly chose this field of study because the two things that bring joy to me are performing my music for others, and sharing my music with others. With the ability to perform, and with the ability to educate, I can achieve both. Also, in the Music Education curriculum, they help you to improve on your instrument, as well as on others. So, i am sure this will not only help me as a future educator, but also as a performer and entertainer.

Musicianship is a skill that many are beginning to lose sight of. With the increase in the use of digital sounds and such, the good days of studio musicians and live concerts are going fast. I hope to bring music appreciation to as many people as I can. There are too few radio stations that play simply instrumental music that tells a story without words, invokes the listener to use their own imagination to draw the picture. It is my goal to open the minds of as many youths as I can, and I believe that I can do that as band director or a music teacher. The world could always use a little more music.

The school I plan to attend is not an expensive school, compared to many. However, it is still well out of my financial range. I am only receiving limited funds from my family,...
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