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Scholarship Essay

By msuzel Apr 27, 2015 506 Words
Scholarship Essay

My parents, as well as God, have made a tremendous impact in my life. I do not know what my life would have been without their influence and guidance. They have taught me to always work hard and believe that I can do anything. They have also instilled in me the importance of helping others in my community. Both of my parents give me the motivation to get educated, as they both attended college. My father has an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice and is currently enrolled in college to attain his teacher’s certification. He worked at the Eagle Pass Police Department and retired after 20 years of service. He is currently teaching Criminal Justice at Eagle Pass High School. My mother has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. She has decided to further her education and is working in attaining her Master’s Degree. She is a Workforce Education Coordinator at Southwest Texas Junior College. I have two younger siblings and would like to set a good example for them. This is also another reason why I want to go to college. My intent is to not only become a role model to my siblings, but also to the community. I want a chance to make the world a better place, the opportunity to make a difference, and the privilege of having more than a high school diploma. Since the age of ten, it has been my dream to become an attorney. I find going to court and fighting for someone’s cause very humble. I expect through the trials and tribulation of experiencing law school will give me the tools to work with a diverse group of people. I hope to be that attorney that a client can truly rely on. I plan to pursue this goal by focusing in school and always keeping my willingness to help others in mind. After completing high school, I am hopeful to fulfill my aspiration of attending the University of Texas at Austin and majoring in Political Science and English. Once I receive my bachelor’s degree, I plan to continue my education in Law. I am aware that the field I want to pursue in is very competitive, however I welcome it. I am willing to work hard and overcome any challenges. I am eager and excited at the journey before me, however, an immense obstacle that I would face in attending college is having the financial resources to pay for tuition. Not only is my father in college, but my older sister as well. Therefore, having another person in my family in college would make it more financially stressful for my parents. Though it is financially difficult, it is my family’s ideology that we all receive a college education. In our book, that has a value. I am grateful to find opportunities like the one that your organization is providing to students. I am hopeful to become one of your scholarship recipients so that I may continue on my pathway to making my goals a reality.

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