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I didn’t realize it at the time but, I joined color guard to have a family. I wanted to be a part of something, belong somewhere. Growing up I never had a close relationship with anyone in my family except my mother who passed away when I was twelve years old. So a few years later when an older friend who was in guard told me “All the girls in guard are like my sisters, I love them and hate them all. We’re like a family.” I was immediately intrigued. I didn’t understand yet that I was looking for something to fill what was missing in my life. I was also desperate for somewhere to go after school, anywhere but home. The next week I went with her to practice; I was so nervous being terribly uncoordinated and awkward. However, I made friends quickly and really enjoyed spinning. I gained so many things that day. I got a whole support group of people to cheer me up when I’m down, upperclassmen to help me with homework and to show me that high school isn’t as scary as the movies make it seem, and friends for life that have my back better than anyone else I’ve ever known. Deciding to join that day was the best choice I’ve made so far.

Of all the things that I have learned by being in color guard, the most important is responsibility. I’m usually a forgetful person who procrastinates just about everything, but guard changed that. I was suddenly on top of my school work, I refused to become ineligible to perform, my attendance got better, and I made sure to stay out of trouble. I now have the resolve to actually get something done on time when I say I’m going to. The most rewarding trait I’ve acquired though color guard is determination. I learned what accomplishment feels like by pushing myself to be the best I can possibly be. It’s not always easy but I know that the harder something right now, the better it will be when it’s all over. When I’m tired of trying and ready to give up is when it’s the most important to keep going; it’ll definitely be worth it in the...
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