Scholarship essay

Topics: Family, Foster care, Fosterage Pages: 4 (1700 words) Published: November 1, 2013
Scholarship essay

As Franklin Roosevelt once said “It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage that we move on to better things”. My childhood was filled with memories of happiness, sadness and the loss of experiences that have made it hard for me to grow up. I’ve had to show my strength to overcome things and the courage to walk away from things that aren’t good for me without knowing if it will affect me in a bad way. Throughout the past few years I have found that in life people go through things that have extreme effects on them, in my life it was the loss of my parents raising me but by moving on from that loss and allowing it to influence them; they become a better person. I grew up in a Mexican household of only boys where my parents taught my brothers and me that family meant everything and would overcome all obstacles. I was also taught that family is the backbone and that love within a family should always be unconditional and something that drives a person to never leave it. I have countless memories about my family all meeting up for special occasions and it seemed like no matter how far we were or fights and problems within the family we were always family at the end of the day. While growing up the words my parents stated seemed harder to believe, especially the day I entered foster care. At the age of thirteen I was placed into foster care for my parents neglecting me and ever since then I’ve been raising myself. The real actual time I can say I had a family I knew was the day I entered foster because every day after that I lost them more and more. My parents were there for me for about a year going to supervised visits and attending therapy and I thought that everything was okay until the day I actually stood up for myself. In one of my court hearings I decided to state that I wanted to attend public school because every day before that I had been going to homeschool for my parents giving them their wishes....
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