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Topics: Education, High school, University Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: April 2, 2002
I strongly believe that the key to world reform is self-reform. By attending the University of Colorado, I hope to attain a strong education that will help me achieve significant reforms that in turn will let me help others. Currently, I am a freshman majoring in chemical engineering and pre-medicine. When I graduate from CU, I plan to further my studies in medical school or perhaps dental school. More importantly, I wish to set a good example for others to follow through my hard work and determination. In receiving my acceptance letter during my senior year, I immediately decided that the University of Colorado would be the school of my choice. By making that decision, I also made a commitment to make the University of Colorado a better place to learn and to live. At the moment, I am keeping my commitment by helping peers with their individual problems, volunteering throughout the community, and most importantly trying to learn the most that I possibly can. I actively try to follow through with my promise to the University. After graduating, I expect to keep my commitment by doing several things that will improve the learning experience for future students. First, I plan to participate in the educational process by being a mentor to a needy student whose field of interest is similar to mine. By being someone that the student can look up to, I hope to provide guidance and encouragement, as well as motivation. In addition, I will help out by donating time and personal services in order to better my entire community. Also, I will donate a portion of my wages through scholarships to a student whose family finds themselves financially unstable. Ultimately, by keeping all of my commitments I hope to reinforce my belief that world reform can only be attained through self-reform.
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