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Topics: High school, Nursing, College Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: August 20, 2013
My Journey to Georgia College
On a bright Sunday morning, in a West African country called Nigeria, my phone rang. Who was on the phone? It was my father who resides In the United States. He called to inform me of his intention of bringing me over to the U.S. to complete my higher education. As young as I was then, I graduated from high school at the age of sixteen years old. I have always lived with my grandparents ever since I was forty days old. I objected to my father’s intention; I said, “No, I am not coming to the United States.” I had so many reasons for objecting: I didn’t want to miss my grandparents because I love them so much and I didn't want to leave the environment I grew up to love so much. During my high school days, my auntie happened to be a nurse at a government hospital. During holidays, I always go with her to work; I noticed how passionate she was when relating and taking care of her patients. She understands the languages of her patients and responds to them in a humble and understanding way. These patients would always request to be treated by my auntie and not minding whether the doctor was present or not. This to some extent made me develop a very strong passion for the nursing profession. I wanted to practice the nursing profession just like her. This was when I began nurturing the desire to become an exceptional nurse. After I graduated from high school, I struggled so hard to get an admission into one of the respected college of nursing in my country, Nigeria, but all proved abortive. I was on this admission struggle for over four years. At age twenty, my father called and said, “Esther! Get your bags and stop wasting your time over there.” I told him I was going to sleep over it. Alone in my home this quiet night, I thought about my father’s proposition and made a decision to come into the U. S. to pursue my dream of becoming a certified nurse. I grew up to know that my grandparents would be fine without me and I made them to...
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