Scholarship Essay

Topics: Need, Third World, First World Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Scholarship Essay
Hello my name is Nicole Monique Tenorio I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I’m eighteen years old and currently a full time student at HCC Northwest campus. I’m not completely sure what I want to major in but I do have my interest for example, interior design, photography, fashion stylist, zoologist and wildlife biologist, and helping people. I enjoy making something of my own and capturing beautiful things, helping people with support and i also love animals and working with them. Since I was little living with my mom and sister I’ve been into entertainment my mom would tell me stories about how I would dance everywhere like a ballerina, dress up in all sorts of clothes, and was very caring but at the same time demanding. The older I got I experienced more things for example one of my favorites, traveling. My mom started taking me to different countries from the time I was like five years old, first place out of the country was Cancun, Mexico. I was young but I know it was amazing because we went twice. Next was when I was twelve the first really time I visualized and enjoyed seeing a 3rd world country like Colombia and seeing how they live. I also went to Puerto Rico, the Bahamas and Florida. I love the differences in between each country and city and viewing how things are so different around the world the food, the people, the architecture of the buildings and how they live, seeing such amazing things make you see life different, and want to get more involved and learn more about the culture and help the people in need; and that’s why I’m in college trying to get my life together by looking for a job because of the finances needed and participating in activities that will help me get closer to my interest and my major in college. A scholarship would help me financially with my goal by traveling the world while helping people and enjoying the job a have. The scholarship would benefit me because it would...
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