Schizophrenia: Mental Disorder and David H. Clark

Topics: Schizophrenia, Mental disorder, Ancient Egypt Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: March 21, 2002
Hypocrites once said "only from the brain spring our pleasures, our feeling of happiness, and of tearsy". Pleasure and pain come from the brain; however with schizophrenia some people experience not pleasure and pain, but paranoia, dementia, and can become cationic. Schizophrenia is a serious problem. This report will go over what it is, how to get help, and how it is/was treated.

Throughout history all society's have had cases of schizophrenia. Some kings, rulers, and emperors, such as King Saul, Nebucanezzer, Henry the IV and King George the III, all had a form of schizophrenia. schizophrenia technically did not exist until 100 years ago. Until then most people thought it was demons in the body. The Ancient Egyptians thought people with mental illness had physical illness. With the Greeks they did not know what to think, so the killed or castrated the "infected" person. But with madness people have accomplished many things such as prophets and poets. " How come all men distinguished in philosophy, statesmanship, poetry, or art are melancholics and some of them to such an extent that they are affected from the illness". History has almost always classified as one type, but actually there are four types.

the four types of schizophrenia are: dementia praecox, hebephrenic. first is catatonia, a movement disorder. the movements may be as little as a twitch some cases are more severe than others. "people with schizophrenia are often very strange and shocking" next it paranoia, as many people know paranoia is the fear of being followed with schizophrenia this fear is constant day and night. Most paranoid schizophrenic loose sleep and act out violently.

Another type is hebephenia, hebephenia induces childlike acts, like whining, crying and constant giggling. With all types of schizophrenia there are many mental asylum, so the schizophrenics do not cause harm to others.

Mental institutes started as caves away from towns, villages, and were used until...
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