Schindler’s List

Topics: The Holocaust, Nazi Germany, World War II Pages: 7 (2992 words) Published: August 17, 2013
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Second World War is one of the most remarkable incidents of the history of human kind. The world had seen the real power of some countries. How the countries dominated and fought with each other was beyond imagination. Total damage caused by the war was uncountable. War is something which never can bring peace between countries; the result of the war is nothing else but to lose a huge amount of money for actually nothing. It takes away more than it gives. So, what is the use of it? A war not only affects the country’s economy but also affects the human mind also. It is the civilian, who are the worst sufferers of war. During the war more civilians lost their lives more than the soldiers. The brutal nature of any human is easily visible during the war. Genocide, rape, kidnapping, confiscating wealth, property all happened in the time of war. Hardly anyone follow rules during the war. Many books are written on these matters, many movies have been made on these. Such a book is Schindler’s List by Thomas Kennelly. First this book was published and later on a movie was made about it with the direction of a great director, Steven Spielberg. Schindler’s List is about the holocaust and what the Nazi did during the World War II. The movie covered the whole story so beautifully that the viewers could see by themselves what massacre happened during the war days. The cruelest part of Nazi fascism has been depicted in Schindler’s List. My research paper will analyze and study the holocaust, what happened during and after it, with support from both Kennelly’s book and Spielberg’s making of Schindler’s List since the movie too is based on the holocaust. From the beginning of 1933 and to the mid of 1945, Jewish people experienced the worst time of their life, especially the people who lived under the German governance. German Nazi and fascists tried to make their life hell. History says that before the war, holocaust had actually started. I think inhuman torture over the Jews is one of the reasons of the World War II. From 1933, the Germans gradually started to cut off about all the social facilities and rights of the Jews to exile them from country. Statistics say that the Germans wanted to annihilate the Jews from Europe that is why they perpetrated the holocaust. The mass genocide is a proof of that. Starting from their territory they spread to their neighboring country to kill the Jews and the conflict occurred right then and there. They captured Poland and it can be called a Jewish country then, may be for this reason they captured Poland so that they could kill more Jews there. They actually started the war against Jews. After the Germans captured Poland, in 1939, just after a few days Britain and France declared war on Germany. And from that declaration the World War II begins. The story Schindler’s List has made on the Polish Jews. The Germans’ cruelty upon the Jews was the highlight of the World War. During the years of war, Germans killed millions of Jews. Though there are statistics as to how many Jews they actually killed, I think many more Jews died than what the statistics show. May be there have been a great motive behind it. From the beginning of 1933, the German’s began to close all the facilities of the Jewish people. Such as, doing trade, teaching in the institutions, doing treatment and they even boycotted from their own shops. The Nazi’s knew that confiscating the citizen rights from a citizen is as bad as being dead. But later on the Nazi’s not only stop providing facilities but also killed the Jewish people by shifting them to different places. Before replacing them from one place to another, the Nazi’s took away everything they had and this is depicted in Spielberg’s movie. They took away valuable things from them and left the Jewish people empty handed. The Nazi’s sorted Jews into groups for their own betterment. They sent different people to different places. Only they could know who will go where,...
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