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Topics: Criminology, Sociology, Mass media Pages: 19 (2295 words) Published: February 28, 2014
Scheme of Work 2013/2014
Course: A2 Sociology
Subject/Unit: Media & Crime/Deviance
Staff: Keya Chakraborty
Bob Francis
1 session – media
2 sessions – C&D

 Assignment Schedule:
Useful Resources:

Skills for Life Development
Resources (inc Links to Materials)
Autumn Term 2013
  Crime & Deviance – Sociological theories

Media – Trends in ownership and control of mass media
 To understand the different ways sociologists look at society. Functionalists, Marxists etc..

Marxist, Pluralist & Neo-Marxist theories of ownership and control  Terminology
Note taking
 Visual sociology: Macro and Micro perspective. Relate to the Top down and bottom up approach PPT

Ownership control trends powerpoint
Youtube short Rupert Murdoch short, career
 Contemporary crime issue analysed using sociological perspectives

Ownership/control trends terminology exercise
 C&D Definitions Crime and Deviance
Social construction of crime

Media Definitions and characteristics of new media
 Understand and apply structural, interactionist and conflict perspectives in the social construction of crime

Understand who uses the new media
Essay analysis and planning

 PPT processes of the CJS
Handout processes CJS

New media handout – mix/match
New media PPT
 Essay question (planned in class – C&D)
 C&D Functionalist – Durkheim & Merton

Media – generational divide, digital underclass
 Understand classical functionalist and Merton strain theory

Understand and apply concepts: generational divide & digital underclass   Subject specific vocabulary
Note making

Statistical analysis
Research independent learning

 Handout strain theory
PPT Durkheim & Classical functionalist

Research task – digital underclass
Handout generational divide

 Continue research task digital underclass
 C&D Subcultural: Cloward & Ohlin, Cohen

Media – Significance changing relationships between audience & media  Understand & apply subcultural theories

Understand & apply changing relationships themes
 Essay analysis & planning
 PPT subcultural theories
Sociology Review | Volume 8 | 4 April 1999

Handout changing relationships
Essay question – new media & changing relationships
 Essay question planned in class – Media)
 C&D Subcultural Matza & Miller, revisit strain

Media – link between media & behaviour
 Understand & apply subcultural theories

Understand and evaluate hypodermic model with active audience approaches  Note making
 Worksheet Matza
Handout Miller

PPT media hypodermic model issues, Jamie Bulger case
 Contemporary issues analysis – media and/or crime
  C&D Labelling theory

Media – Methodological problems in researching media effects on audience  Understand and apply Jock Young study, link to social construction

Evaluate methodological issues in researching media effects
Note making
 Worksheet Jock Young
DVD Young the drugtakers

PPT methodological issues & media
Worksheet media genres effects
 Labelling process assignment

Methodology flowchart
  C&D Moral panics, deviance amplification

Media – Moral panics, news values gatekeepers
 Understand and evaluate Stan Cohen folk devils & moral panics

Understand & apply moral panics

Note making

 Video Cohen folk devils
PPT moral panics
Worksheet moral panics

Worksheets moral panics news values
 Revision exercises
C&D Timed assignment & revision

Media Revision exercise
Conceptual and theoretical revision
Glossary use
Independent research
Revision materials selected as necessary
Contemporary issues analysis media and crime...
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