Scent Of A Woman

Topics: Reproductive system, Sex organ, Odor Pages: 3 (795 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Erika Drake
English 100
July 27, 2014
Scent of a Woman
My eyes smiled as I witnessed the delightful rainbow of colors you wear! I reached out to touch your pedals and to my surprise you were as soft, beautiful and gentle as silk. Moving down your stem, you pricked me, but that didn’t stop me from longing to inhale your scent. Then I pulled you close to my face and I was immediately overwhelmed by the orchestra of sweet aromas which filled my nostrils like bliss in a kiss. Your sweet smell, reminded me of honey watermelon, and bumble bees: pollinating in a fresh summer breeze. I closed my eyes again and again to inhale your intoxicating fragrance. I thought how nice it would be to see you in every place of my life. As I began my pursuit to capture you, you were placed on my dining room table, in my garden, intertwined in my type four wavy hair, and lastly you became my aroma presence, my perfume called “Erica”. I wore you each day and people would ask “what is that fragrance?” My response is “Erica”. Erica, your fragrance is a sweet aroma that fills the space of time, causing men to become mesmerized. Who knew that there was a flower named after me? Erica is a genus of many species of flowering plants. She is also can be called Hirtiflora which is a beautiful shrub with masses of purple-pink flowers in summer and autumn; it adds an elegant touch to the table or even the garden. Erica hirtiflora is an upright and bushy shrub. The flowers are 30-40 mm long, purple-pink, egg-shaped with a constricted mouth and covered in fine hairs. Erica lives on the Cape Peninsula right through Africa and can be found in Madagascar and Europe. Although there are many types of flowers in the world, I am even more intrigued with the Middlemist Red flower and the Jade Vine Flower. The middlemist which is the rarest flower in the world; only two examples are left in the world. You can only see Middlemist Red Flower in New Zealand Garden and green house garden of the United...
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