Scent of Apples

Topics: Family, Philippines, Sibling Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: August 26, 2013
I. Title: Scent of Apples
II. Author: Bienvenido N. Santos
III. Settings: Kalamazoo
IV. Characters:
Celestino Fabia - a Filipino farmer, the one who asked about the difference between Filipinas then and now Ruth – a loving, loyal and warm hearted wife of Celestino Roger – little gentleman son of Celestino

V. Questions:
1. What is the story all about?
The scent of apples is all about to all immigrants Filipino who are suffering from nostalgia or longing for someone in their country. 2. Describe what you like or dislike about some of the characters I like Ruth because she is willing to become slave in the sake for her family. I dislike Fabia because he doesn’t want to go home it may because of fear of long forgotten. 3. Write or give an account of what you have done in the same situation If I am in the same situation I will go to home to say hello to my love ones or I will write a letter to them to say how much I miss them and how much I love them so that in that way they will never forget me. 4. Write about the most interesting part of the story

For me the most interesting part of the story is when Celestino is talking about what happened to him when Ruth is pregnant. 5. Create another ending of the story
If I am the author I will end the story that Celestino went to their country so that he can live in his parents, to his brothers and sisters and with his family happily ever after.
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