Scenery Paper

Pages: 3 (891 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Mallory Santic
Paper #1
Positive Description

From my window, I can see many great, positive things about the ASU campus. The grass looks like it’s been freshly watered and is a vibrant shade of green. Students are walking by, moving quickly and a biker follows them not too far behind. They look like they have important places to go, such as a class or to get something to eat. Some of the bikes have baskets attached to them, filled with goodies for the student. Cars zoom by under the bridge, cars that are as shiny as a metal trophy. They look like they are filled with important people, heading to important places. The building across from me has its lights on, and I can see students walking down the halls. I’m not sure if it’s a dormitory or a class building, but it sure seems to be popular by all the people going in and out. Some of the lights flicker off, which makes me think that it’s a dorm and some students are choosing to go to sleep. A bus just passed full of people. Students, elders, all different types. It is quite late, so I wonder where they are going. I guess there’s a lot of places to go and things to do when you’re on such a great campus. I can see a blue light, and it seems as if nobody has touched it in years, which makes me think that this place is extremely safe. Palm trees are all down the sidewalk, and gently sway in the wind looking like they belong on a beach, and they give this place a relaxing, calm, look. It’s obvious to me that people enjoy this place just by the scenery. It is well taken care of, and very clean. Everybody looks to be having fun and a good time, and if I didn’t already go to this university I know I would want to just by driving through out the campus.

Negative Description

From my window, I can see poor structure of buildings and a shaky bridge. These are just some things that are negative about the ASU campus. Not only do the people look dead from the heat, but the greenery as well. The grass...
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