Scenario: G3 Channel Talkshow

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Nga: welcome to G3 channel. I’m Nga, the host of the talkshow named “Be a perfect student: Today, we’re going to talk about a topic which is really indispensable for not only people but also students. In order to give you an useful show, “Be a perfect student” invited 3 guests to discuss with us about “THE NECESSITY OF SETTING GOALS FOR STUDENTS”. They are: Nhat, Hoa and Hue.

Hello guys, Glad to see you. I know you all are 3 good students that are studying in Vietnam comercial University. Right? So, what do you think about this topic? Hue?

Hue: Hi guys, I’m really interesting for attending this show. In my opinion, The end result or achievement in which effort is directed, is a goal. This is something that people want enough that we make an effort to reach it.

Nga: oh, So, if I say: I want to be the best student, rank first on the list of exellent students in the university. It is a goal, isn’t it?

Hoa: I think it isn’t REALLY. That goal in that case is more like a fantasy. It is not your goals until you are prepared to work on turning them into reality. It is better to say: “ I will grip 3.0 in this semester with 1/3 A band scores”

Nga: I got it. And Nhat, Do you think setting goals for students is necessary?

Nhat: well, I belive it is really important with students. There are 5 main reasons for this: Gives clarity on your end vision, lets you focus, drives you forward, makes you control time and makes you do the best. The first one I want to say is: Without setting a goal, students will be driving in a road where they are not sure where to go. Setting goals gives students a clear vision of whay they really want. Setting a goal would help them clarify what they really aiming for.

Nga: I agree. Hue, can you tell us about the second reason: Lets students focus? Hue

Hue: sure, In my point of view, Instead of looking at many other things, students can surely focus on achieving a goal when they have set it. There are so many exercises, homework or other things to do everyday, students might even tend to do some things that might not help them to achieve their goals.

Nhat: I have an instance. a student have so many plans, which he wants to do, that he does not know that what the one he should to do first. As a result, he loses a concentration and does not reach anything. Next, Hoa will talk about the third reason: Drives students forward. Please.

Hoa: I’ve always thought that Setting a goal can also motivate students to move forward. It lets them study and work harder to reach their goal. When students experience times that they are starting to lose their motivation, they will think and consider their goal again and this will fuel them forward.

Nga: oh, now I can see that setting goals is really really necessary, very important for students. So, The forth reason is making students control time, what does it mean? Nhat.

Nhat: well, I’m convinced that Having goals makes students manage time A day only has 24 hours. If it had more than 24, you even would not have waste any hour. Setting a goal means students arrange their time reasonable. It even more important when they are in exams or they have to meet a deadline of their discussion..

Nga: It means: Students still work effectively and have enough time to relax because they can control their time. That’s so great! Anh I hope Hue will talk about the last reason: “Lets students do their best”.

Hue: Yes, Most nowaday students are independent and confident, they have many knowledge and priorities to study, research and work. But, sometimes, students think that they will not be able to do something. If they have a clear goal, they can discorver that it is not too hard to reach their direction. Setting goals can also let students go beyond the limits that they already know and be a better, stronger person. They can even discover other skills along the way.

Nga: thank you 3. I have an information, In order...
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