Scary Story (6th Grade) (Not Good)

Topics: Left-handedness, The Hook, Walking Pages: 3 (1019 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Sean Shannon Period 2-3 Scary Story
“Science Class”

“Ahhhh!” I screamed. I awoke in my bed in the middle of the night from a nightmare. But this wasn’t just any nightmare. I pictured it so vividly that it was scary. I pictured a man with a blood-drenched white lab coat, and a long hook for a right hand. I was definitely startled, but I decided to forget about it and went back to bed.

The next day at school was a normal day, just going by, until science class. We were informed that our science teacher, Mr. Williams, was murdered in his home. Everyone was so shaken and sober by the news of the event. Who could have done such a terrible thing? We were also told that we were going to be getting a new permanent science teacher the next day. The news quickly spread about Mr. Williams’ death, and by the end of the day, the whole town was talking about it.

“Pretty odd event to happen here,” my Mom commented when I told her about Mr. Williams’s death at dinner. “There hasn’t been a murder here for 25 years!”
“The best thing to do is to just forget about it and pretend it never happened,” my Dad put in as he put in a huge mouthful of meatloaf. I knew the event was strange, but there was something peculiar of my nightmare occurring the same night as Mr. William’s death. But again, I decided to forget about it.

The next day, I was anxious to see my new science teacher. All day, I wondered who it would be. When the time finally came, I walked into the classroom to see a very tall, pale man. He was bald, and wore a long white lab coat. He told us that his name was Mr. Tom. We began class normally, and every time he talked he used one of those Dr. - Frankenstein voices. We didn’t do reports like we usually did either. Instead Mr. Tom made us do creepy experiments with chemicals that we have never even heard of. Me and my science...
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