scary adventure

Topics: Building, Floor, Laughter Pages: 3 (1168 words) Published: December 27, 2013

Suddenly, we heard a frightful scream followed by a monstrous laughter. We were scared to death. Wasn’t the scream Miya? And was that laughter? We were a group of six-Tom, Dick, Harry, Miya, Tina and I. We had come here to celebrate our team winning the first prize in the ‘Inter-school Cultural Fest’. It was my uncle’s estate and he had suggested it to us when we were searching for a nice camping area. The house was very old one and was in a dilapidated condition. So, we chose to camp in the old-fashioned way using tents. The area looked like a small jungle, with creepers and climbers all over the place.

It was late evening and Miya and Harry had gone to explore the place and to gather some firewood. The rest of us had put up the tents and we were waiting for them. And them, we had heard this scream and laughter. We were terrified and did not know what to do. After some time, we again heard Harry cry out in paint at the top of his voice. We decided to look for them. We took our torch and started searching for them. It was very dark and we were scared. We did not know where to look for them. Tina was on the verge of crying and when I was wondering if anything else could go wrong, our one and Tina started yelling at the top of her voice.

I felt the other clutching my hands. I was the eldest of them all. I knew I had to make a move. This thought gave me some courage and I decided to take charge. I asked them not to panic and to follow me. I searched my pockets for something useful. Fortunately there was a matchbox in my pocket. I took it out and lighted a match. In the dim light,I Looked around for a shelter. Then, suddenly we heard Harry cry, “Help us! We are going to die!” Then there was dead silence. The sound seemed to come from the deserted house nearby. Even the thought of going into the house sent a chill down my spine. But, we had to rescue our friends. In the light of the matchstick, we headed towards the house. The house was in a very pathetic...
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