Scarlet Letter Sins
Topics: The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne, Nathaniel Hawthorne, John Winthrop / Pages: 5 (1198 words) / Published: May 30th, 2006

Scarlet Letter Essay
How Is Sin Shown Throughout the Book?

Sin; a transgression of a religious or moral law, a serious offence or fault, to commit a sin. These definitions explain the world "Sin" as something offence towards someone. The Scarlet Letter is centered around sin, involving three characters Hester, Arthur Dimessdale, and Pearl. Hester Prynne is a young woman who commits the act of adultery. She is left out of her community because of this crime, and looked down on. Arthur Dimmesdale is the priest who helped Hester commit adultery. Dimmesdale keeps his sin hidden, and eventually becomes ill and weak from it. Pearl is the daughter of Hester, and the result of Dimmesdale's and Hester's love. These three characters are affected by sin throughout the whole story. Sin affects Hester because after people found out, they all looked down upon her. The townspeople all thought Hester was bad, and had committed a major crime. They also wouldn't talk to her, or include her in their lives. Her only friend was Pearl. " Lonely as was Hester's situation, and without a friend on earth who dared to show himself , she, however, incurred, no risk of want. (Hawthorne 90). And "Tho must gather thine own sunshine. I have none to give thee!" (Hawthorne 114). These two quotes explain the loneliest Hester felt during Pearl's childhood. The first quote explains how Hester's life was very lonely because nobody would befriend her. Hester had nobody to talk with about this crime, and she felt very left out. The sin she committed affected her lifestyle and her friendships. The second quote explains how "cloudy" her life is. When she tells Pearl to gather her own sunshine because she has none, this means Hester is unhappy and has no light in her life. There is no cheerfulness or bright spot in her life since Hester had Pearl. Sin has affected Hester by her happiness, her friendships, and her life.

The next example is how sin affected Arthur Dimmesdale, the priest.

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