Topics: Al Pacino, The Godfather, Scarface Pages: 1 (388 words) Published: April 26, 2006

Scarface is a movie about an immigrant who comes to the United States in search of the "American dream." This rags to riches movie stars my favorite actor: Al Pacino. Pacino is famous for staring in the Godfather trilogies, Carlitos Way, as well as several other movies. In Scarface he plays an immigrant: Tony Montana. Pacino truly becomes this character and portrays him very well. The movie is about an immigrant, Tony Montana, who comes to Florida from Cuba. He is determined to make it in the United States. After realizing that washing dishes is not for him, Montana gets involved in a life of crime. He has to kill and also witnesses many killings. His friend, Angel, was killed right in front of him. He slowly moves up in status after working for some of the biggest drug-dealers in Florida. Tony Montana soon becomes one of the biggest drug-dealers in the country. As he sits in his mansion one night, a group of men begin their attack on his estate. They were sent by one of the drug-dealers that Tony angered to the extent of wanting to kill him. The movie ends in a showcase of power. His search for happiness finally ended with Tony Montana realizing that money cannot buy love. Tony stands at the top of his staircase and goes to war with the countless intruders as bullets take over the vast emptiness of his mansion. One of the intruders finally shoots him from behind and ends the life and movie of "Scarface." This is my favorite movie because it tells a real story of drugs and violence and displays the consequences of such a lifestyle. No matter how intriguing that lifestyle may seem, there are more negatives than positives to it. In the end the same violence that Montana lived by brought him to his death. Al Pacino's character of Tony Montana is well portrayed as an ego-driven immigrant searching for money, love, and happiness. When this movie came out in 1983 it was greeted with much criticism. It was...
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