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Scarborough Shoal Who has the right?

The Scarborough Shoal and its surrounding area are rich in fishing grounds. In 1998 to 2001 a significant number of Chinese fishermen have been arrested for illegal methods of fishing and catching endangered protected species. In latest news, another Chinese fisherman has caught by the Philippine National Navy because of the catching endangered protected species.

The shoal was named after the east India company tea trade ship Scarborough which was wrecked on one of its rocks with everyone perishing on board on 12 September 1784. The shoal forms a triangle shaped chain of reefs and rocks or very Small Island 55 kilometers in circumference with a total area including shallow water areas of 150 square kilometers.

The shoal is a rich fishing ground that some nations claim the island. One of them is the Peoples Republic of China and Taiwan and also our own country the Philippines. Peoples Republic of China claim that Chinese people discovered the shoal centuries ago and that there is a long history of Chinese fishing activity in the area. The shoal also lies within the nine dotted lines drawn by china on maps marking its claim to around two-thirds of the total area of the South China Sea. In the 1935 the Chinese government at that time republic of china, regarded the shoal as a part of the Zhongsha Island. China reaffirmed its claim of sovereignty over the Zhongsha Island in its 1992 Law on the territorial Sea and the contiguous zone. China claims all the island,reefs,and shoal within a U shaped line in the south china sea drawn in 1947 as its territory. Scarborough Shoal lies within this area.

On the other hand, Philippines claim that as early as the Spanish colonization of the Philippines, Filipino fishermen were already using the area as a traditional fishing grounds and shelter during the bad weather. In1957 the Philippines government conducted an oceanographic survey of the area...
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