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Why do we jump when we watch a scary movie?

People jump when watching scary movies because the loud noise or flashing picture (the stimulus) passes through out eyes or ears (the receptor) and our endocrine system responds to the surroundings thus sending electrical impulses to the brain causing our muscles (the effectors) to spasm causing us to jump or scream. In addition, the blood has a increased amount of hormonal adrenaline and a higher heart rate.


Hormones are a chemical substance .the control many of processes going on inside your body. Special glands make and released (secrete) these hormones into your body. Then the hormones are carried around your body to their target organs in the bloodstream. They can act very quickly but often their effect are quite slow and long lasting. Hormones are more for the feelings, as adrenaline makes your heart beat faster and excited, and ready to fight or run away. Therefore, hormones set the mood and make you aware, released by fear, which is triggered by creepy music and the imagination. Now the nerves are responsible for reflexes, like if something suddenly jumps at you and attacks, you jump because you’re scared. This is also why some people scream, because screams could attract someone who could help.


Nervous system

Your nervous system lets you take in information about the world around you and respond in the right way. However some of your responses are so fast that they happen without giving you time to think when you touch something hot or sharp you pull back because you feel then pain .automatic responses like these are know has reflexes .

[pic] here is picture of all the nerves in you body .

Eyes = sensitive to light e.g. reading a book

Nose + tongue =chemical e.g. smelling an apple, eating an apple

Ears = changes in position e.g. loud bang

The difference of hormonal and nervous system in your body hormonal is chemical and nervous in electrical.

Reflex actions...
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