Topics: Pornography / Pages: 4 (840 words) / Published: Jan 13th, 2013
Emmanuel Nwufo
Prof. Frazier
MW 8 – 9:45
March 21 2012
Should pornography be restricted by law?
Pornography should not be restricted because doing it will violate the first Amendment where people have the (right to press) the right to produce what they want and people to view what they want. Pornography should not be restricted because people have the (right to expression) the right to express how they feel. And it shouldn’t be restricted as long as it shows adult only by regulating it in a way that children wouldn’t see it.
Under the first Amendment, we should only regulate speech when there is a really good reason to do so, but in this case I don’t think or see why it should be restricted. Photographers have the right to produce pornography and consumers have the right to view it because for most producers, that’s their only means of making their living. If you look at the statistics, the total industry revenue of pornography for 2006, 13.3 billion in the United States and $97 billion worldwide. Plus the availability of porn and the growth of the internet of which there are currently 4.2 million pornographic websites has a link to decreased Sex Crime, Rape, Divorce, and other positive trends in the United States. Crime against women has decreased as well. The porn industry is one of the few industries in which women make drastically more money than men. An average guy gets $300 to $400 a scene but a woman makes $100,000 to 250,000 at the end of the year. And because pornography is recognized as an entertainment industry, it often sometimes serve as an opportunistic and rewarding career.
Pornography shouldn’t be restricted because it also has a role as a form of expression. Pornography expresses human sexuality. When human reaches sexual maturity at 14 or 15 but we’re not supposed to have sex until over 18, what are these kids supposed to do for 4+ years? Ignore influx of hormones? They are not going to solve this problem by ignoring their physical

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