Sc300 Unit 9 Final Project

Topics: Incandescent light bulb, Scientific method, Lighting Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: November 21, 2011
SC-300-12 Big Ideas in science: From methods to mutation|
Tammie Granger|

This is a paper about the impact of science on everyday activities of living a normal life.|

Science Meets Real Life
I arrive home late one night. I walk up to the front door. I dig through my purse to find my keys to unlock the door. Once I do that I reach inside the door to turn the light switch on only to discover to my dismay that it does not come on. I walk into the kitchen to check that light. Great it works. That means that the electricity has not been turned off. There is the most likely reason that the light bulb has burned out. The solution is to replace the light bulb. I walk into my huge kitchen pantry which has a place for everything. It was custom built with utility drawers for tools like hammers, screwdrivers, nuts and bolts, and light bulbs. I keep extra bulbs on hand for these occasions. I grab a ladder so I can reach the light fixture on the ceiling. I need a ladder because I am petite in size. I climb the ladder and change the light bulb. I go back to the light switch and turn the light on successfully. I then fold the ladder and return it to the utility room. Using the scientific method to solve the problem. I made an observation. The light at the entrance does not come on. The kitchen and pantry lights did come on. I identified a pattern. The other lights came on after the entrance light failed to turn on. That would mean that the electricity was not turned off . That kitchen light and that pantry light turning on were the tests to prove my prediction that the light burned out. Changing the light bulb out was the solution. I turned the light on after I did this to test my theory. It worked. The problem was solved.

Scenario number two is about a goat that my mom brought home from work. One of her customers gave it to her. The problem that I have to identify is about how to...
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