SBA(School Based Assessment)

Topics: Adolescence, Abuse, Physical abuse Pages: 20 (2041 words) Published: November 29, 2014
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Statement of problem
Reason for selecting Area of Research
Method of Investigation
Data Collection Instrument
Procedures of data collection
Presentation of data
Analysis and Interpretation of data
Statement of findings
Recommendations and implementation Strategy


The successful completion of this study would not have been possible without a number of people. Firstly, the researcher is absolutely thankful for having received this School Based Assignment (S.B.A). The researcher extends a handful of gratitude to the Social Studies teacher that guided her through this assignment. The researcher would also like to thank the residents an teens that responded to this questionnaire. Thanks goes out to the researcher’s wonderful family for providing the necessary materials and assistance needed to complete this activity.

Greater Portmore is a small village in the community of Portmore. It is located in the County of Middlesex, Jamaica. Marijuana abuse is one of the main causes of delinquents in this community. I have been a student of the Ascot High School for the past 3 years. During this time I have observed a number of weaknesses in how marijuana abuse by teens is handled. Greater Portmore has approximately 40 households with teens. Foremost among them is that most persons started smoking because of peer pressure. One can agree that it mostly started from school. They also agreed that problems in the home also caused them to turn to marijuana. I have also observed that one major result of marijuana abuse is them absconding from classes. They also prefer drugs over work or school; they prefer using it and selling it. I have therefore decided to conduct a survey to investigate the community Greater Portmore with regard to the abuse of marijuana in Ascot High School.

Statement of problem

What are the main causes and effects of marijuana abuse among the teenagers in my school community?

Reason for selecting Area of Research

The topic marijuana was chosen by the researcher because it has always been a topic of interest. The researcher took advantage of her social Studies School Based Assessment and decided to educate people and investigate the main causes and effects of marijuana abuse among teenagers in the community of Greater Portmore. Marijuana abuse is a rising problem in the community of Greater Portmore, especially among teenagers. The researcher is interested in investigating the main causes and effects of teenagers abusing the drug.

Method of Investigation

In order to collect data, the researcher has decided to use printed questionnaires. The researcher has chosen questionnaires as a means of collecting data because: 1. It requires little time to be completed and it covers a large number of people in one setting. 2. It is done in the time convenient to the person required to do it. 3. Privacy is guaranteed since respondents are not required to write their names or any contact information on the questionnaires.

Data Collection Instrument

Dear Neighbours,
This is a survey being conducted in Greater Portmore to determine the causes and effects of marijuana abuse among teenagers in my school. This study is being conducted as an assignment for a Social Studies course I am currently pursuing.

You are hereby advised to answer the following questions honestly and truthfully. Since you do not have to write your names anywhere, no one will ever know who answer in a particular way.

Remember this is not a test hence, there are no wrong or right answers. Most of the questions can be answered by a tick in a box and others by writing on the line provided. Specific instructions are given where necessary.

Yours Sincerely,...

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2. Greater Portmore
3. Ransawak Rampersad and Umraw Ralph, “Modules in Social Studies” Trinidad: R.P.L. Ltd, 1992
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